Your Role as a Solution Provider
Details and Q&A from Let’s Rethink This

Hello, and thank you for your interest –
The purpose of this communication is to provide you with a few more details as to the role of Let’s Rethink This in serving as a unique community partner with you in a campaign called Veteran Mission Possible whose intention is to reduce veteran suicide and to eliminate veteran medical debt.

By the numbers:

1. What is the investment required of a Solutions Provider?
A membership purchase is $1,500 to participate in the campaign. Scholarships are available for those whose current financial circumstances are stretched. Money is not an impediment to joining.
2. What do Solution Providers Get in return?

Your organization will be given its own page as a Solution Provider (SP) as well as an invitation to create and/or take part in special interest groups. Your job is to supply compelling content (your vision, mission and purpose is a good start).

3. How are membership fees used?

They are used to support the community in its mission to see that a peculiarly American problem – the failure of its VA (Veterans Administration) system to reduce the rate of veteran suicides and/or to relieve them of unpayable medical debt – is remedied through the solutions our community is dedicated to find and field. These community funds will help LRT/VMP devote a major share of our time to meeting specific member needs.

4. What deliverables can LRT/VMP provide?

The deliverables you can expect include news articles, radio, cartoons and social media that will get our campaign (and you as part of it) into the wide public awareness needed to attract prospective customers, partners, and investors. “If they don’t know about you, they can’t do anything about you.”

5. What is LRT/VMP’s role in investor/Solution Provider communications?
Our role is to provide you with a springboard from which to start or supplement those conversations. Your responsibility is to have in place internal systems to track communications, respond to investor queries with appropriate collaterals (such as a business plan, one-pagers, etc.) and manage projects.
6. How is mutual success ensured?

Mutual success will be had by constant communications and the SP taking responsibility to complete tasks assigned you by LRT/VMP to boost outreach and engagement.

7. Is LRT/VMP involved with monetary transactions between investors and Solution Providers?

Donations and funding are a private matter between the SP and any funder or investor that find you through our work. LRT/VMP as team lead neither accepts nor accounts for such monies. We have no fiduciary capacity; our role is to help make those connections and bring about these results.

8. How do I create an account?

The first step is to reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll take it from there.

I and available team members will engage in one or more group Zoom to discuss our prospective relationship more deeply and provide answers to any remaining questions. We want you to be in the position of looking back in 2023 and saying, “We’re glad we did,” rather than “we wish we had.”

With appreciation,

Jerry Ashton
Founder, Let’s Rethink This
Co-Founder, RIP Medical Debt
Co-Creator, Veteran Mission Possible
Member, Military Veterans in Journalism

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Welcome to the Veteran Mission Possible Community

This is a singular campaign to search out, spotlight and ignite the work done by individuals and organizations who intend to resolve two exceptionally grave problems burdening our veterans: an abnormally high rate of suicide and some $6 billion in unpaid medical debt owed through the VA hospital system.

We are welcoming these Solution Providers as well as their supporters, partners, and resources along with the sponsors and Angel Investors who will help fund their work. A special thanks to the veteran and civilian reporters in our “Media Pool” who will get these efforts the press they need and deserve.

If any of the above listings are in your wheelhouse and you would like to participate, you can start by filling out your personal profile and if appropriate a page describing you, your organization and chosen role.

To engage with members, visit Groups. This is where members from different organizations can collaborate, search for support or collect data.