Solution Providers

Those who work to reduce the rate of Veteran suicide and unpaid medical debt.

The Quality of Our Life Depends on the Quality of Our Skills

Each generation since 1938 has had more anxiety, stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, divorce, and suicide than the previous generation because our life skills are deteriorating. 

Veterans struggle even more because they have been subjected to harsh, abusive, and antisocial training and conditioning.

My approach is to upgrade the Veteran’s, and the Veteran’s family members, skills with relationships, making choices, and managing emotions. This will replace the Veteran’s antisocial conditioning with a pro-social team environment.

Using four already existing brain processes, upgrading skills is much easier and more reliable than we imagine.

  1. We can change our minds instantly when we think we need to, so we can change them instantly when we want to.
  2. Our subconscious is wired to learn and upgrade skills.
  3. Practicing better skills overwrites and replaces poorer skills.
  4. Competence avoids creating negative results and emotions. 

Better skills create reliable results with fewer negative emotions.

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Welcome to the Veteran Mission Possible Community

This is a singular campaign to search out, spotlight and ignite the work done by individuals and organizations who intend to resolve two exceptionally grave problems burdening our veterans: an abnormally high rate of suicide and some $6 billion in unpaid medical debt owed through the VA hospital system.

We are welcoming these Solution Providers as well as their supporters, partners, and resources along with the sponsors and Angel Investors who will help fund their work. A special thanks to the veteran and civilian reporters in our “Media Pool” who will get these efforts the press they need and deserve.

If any of the above listings are in your wheelhouse and you would like to participate, you can start by filling out your personal profile and if appropriate a page describing you, your organization and chosen role.

To engage with members, visit Groups. This is where members from different organizations can collaborate, search for support or collect data.