Ending Veteran Suicide: Let’s Rethink This…

The rates of veteran suicide are unacceptably high. Veterans deserve the best care. They sacrifice so much for all of us, and they deserve much better care than they’re getting for the consequences of their sacrifices. One organization that’s seeking to address this problem is Let’s Rethink This.

I work for a company called First Tracks. It’s a public benefit corporation. And our work is featured in this article by Jerry Ashton, the founder of Let’s Rethink This. First Tracks is about putting together mental health solutions for employers that work. We’re focused on making sure people who are in the most need get the right help. Often, that is veterans.

I’m thrilled that our work has been mentioned in this dispatch, and I hope you follow along, because this is a health problem we can’t afford to ignore.

Jerry Ashton is one of the people behind RIP Medical Debt. This organization is responsible for eliminating over $7 billion in medical debt. Now, his focus is on ending veterans’ medical debt and ending veteran suicide, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Jerry and everyone who is on this mission to help our veterans!

You can read the article here!

It’s a Wonderful Life and Veteran Suicide

It’s that terrible/joyful holiday period when we push aside our pains and disappointments to join with the joy of the season and imagine a coming year full of wonders and possibilities.

Of those pains here in America, none is greater than that of the specter of suicide, especially those among our military veterans – now averaging 44 per day. 44 per day!!!

Can we ever hope for a time when those numbers abate, and the tragedies recede? Yes, if we just take lessons from the much-beloved movie classic, It’s a Wonderful Life and bring them into practice in our own lives. Read more in Jerry’s new article!

—Owen Scott Muir, M.D.

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